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Travel on Tuesday Travel K.I.T.

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Travel on Tuesday is a fun, hands-on way to provide a dynamic introduction to geography and cultural awareness for children. Simply follow the steps below to take an extraordinary trip to a different country, where your child can learn different customs, color flags, make crafts, and much more!

Get Your KITs!

Step 1: Sign up for Travel on Tuesday for $45 and get access to the following set of 15 countries which you can download at any time.

Travel on Tuesday Destination Countries

Step 2: After you sign up, login to download and print your Travel KITs.

Each KIT includes the following:

Step 3: Have Fun!

Here's where the fun begins! Let your child's creativity dictate the journey ahead. Each element of the travel guide is a learning tool designed to engage, enlighten and entertain your child about the world in which we live.

For instance, you and your child can transform your kitchen into a plane, complete with boarding passes, tray tables, maps and passports. Once the plane lands, use the travel guide materials to help your child teach you about the country you are visiting.

Once this journey ends, start planning your next adventure!

Get Your KITs!

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