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What is Travel on Tuesday?

Travel on Tuesday is a family-based geography and travel project to help teach young children about the world while having dinner! By pretending to "travel" to a different country one day every week kids will learn to appreciate the customs and traditions of other cultures as well as be able to identify major landmarks and countries on a map.

How did you come up with this idea?

Travel on Tuesday started as a concept to get our son William to get excited to sit down for a family dinner. He never liked dinner because he would focus on the green vegetables on his plate like so many young kids. But he did like maps, so we came up with this idea to encourage him to try new foods. The first night, we made "Mexican grilled cheese" (quesadillas). I hung a homemade piñata and played Hispanic music while we ate. I cut out pictures of Mexico and taped them to the walls. We found a craft that kids do in Mexico and had him do that while dinner was cooking. He colored a flag and "raised it" on a photo stand I found at the dollar store. He loved it. Before dinner was over, we picked the next week's country which was…Libya, and let's just say THAT was interesting.

Why Tuesday?

Our family mission was to make this work and that meant to do it on a night where there were no other commitments so we would not have an excuse to ‘skip a night’; and besides, Travel on Tuesday sounded cool (alliteration!), and so it stuck. By the time a year had past, you wouldn't believe some of the places we "traveled" to and some of the traditional meals we ate, but William LOVED it, and always looked forward to dinner that night. Relatives and friends would start to ask "what are you doing for Travel on Tuesday this week?" They still do actually!

How about Multi-Cultural Monday, Wander on Wednesday, Take a Trip on Thursday, Flight on Friday, Sightseeing Saturday, or Wanderlust Weekends?

Sounds great to us! The important thing is to have fun spending time with the people you love talking about something you love to do – traveling and learning about the world!

What do I get when I sign up for the subscription service?

It would take me HOURS to get ready for Travel on Tuesday. I would spend time looking up relevant ethnic sites, printing pictures, designing a craft idea, making sure I had materials for the craft, printing a map and flag for him to color, etc. it was a lot of work. With that in mind, I came up with the Travel on Tuesday K.I.T.s to make it easy and stress-free for you! They include maps, flags, images, a fact sheet, a craft idea with instructions, boarding passes and passport stamps.

Which countries are included

We are launching with the following countries to choose from: Australia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Tanzania, Thailand, and U.S.A.

Why only once a week?

If William enjoyed it so much, why didn't we do it 3 times a week? Well, besides all the time it would take me, I saw the opportunity for learning. If we only did one country a week, William remembered where it was on the map and some of the cultural things we did for that country. He was only 3 when we started and was able to retain incredible amounts of knowledge about the places we ‘traveled’ to.

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