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About MeMy name is Irene Antonoglu and I am the Founder of Footprints of the Mind, Global Adventures for Children.

Welcome to Travel on Tuesday!

This concept originated as a fun way to engage my son William to my love of travel and cultures. Using our imaginations and sense of adventure, every Tuesday we would pretend to travel to a different country. What started as a creative way to encourage my three year old son’s interest in the world became an anticipated event in our home every week and was affectionately called “Travel on Tuesday”. Transforming our kitchen into a faraway land, I would decorate with pictures of landmarks, we would "raise the flag" of that particular country, do crafts, play music, and find it on the map.


While preparing each week to virtually move my son from country to country, I discovered almost immediately the challenge which faced me. There was a lack of resources available for young children between the developmental ages of 3-8 that connected them to geography, culture and general global awareness. I found myself researching, developing, creating materials and resources for our weekly global adventures. Because Travel on Tuesday was so popular with my own child, I thought it may be something that other families and children would enjoy.

Take a seat, enjoy your flight around the world, and let your journey begin!

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